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Our Practice Areas

Real Estate

The real estate practice area is a growing one for Hronek Law. Discussions of administering real estate naturally occurs when preparing an estate plan or handling property of a decedent. Not only do clients have a primary residence, but also vacation or second homes, timeshares, and investment property. Or, all of the above!

There are many matters that arise because of property ownership – what is the most efficient way to transfer my property to my heirs, what if I’d like to sell my property to a friend, what if I’d like to rent my property, how do I handle the property which my business owns?

Hronek Law provides crucial counsel on how to handle these matters in a common sense way. Christina can assist with all of these matters with the preparation of deeds, leases, purchase agreements, land contracts and lease-purchase agreements.

Estate Planning

Unfortunately, we will all reach a point in our lives where we are no longer able to handle our affairs and ultimately pass. Often we know who we want to help us in times of need and who should inherit our property. It’s also possible that we do not and are overwhelmed by the options and these decisions. Many factors need to be considered when creating a plan – who is best positioned to help you, are your heirs responsible or will they squander their inheritance, are any beneficiaries receiving government benefits? Without a plan, a Probate Court steps in to make these decisions for you – for better or worse.

Only seeking the counsel of Hronek Law will ensure that all options are evaluated and a complete plan is put into place. Hronek Law is well skilled in the preparation of Last Will and Testaments, Living and Testamentary Trusts, Financial/Durable Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Powers of Attorney/Living Wills. Further, Hronek Law assists in the all important decision making needed before these documents are created – thus easing the overwhelming nature of estate planning.

Probate & Trust Administration

When an individual passes, there are always matters to attend to and affairs to wrap up. How assets are titled determines what process needs to take place to transfer the assets from decedent to heir. Often, several processes need to take place. It can be extremely overwhelming and also very time consuming. However, it is important to obtain proper legal advice so that irreversible mistakes are not made.

Hronek Law has years of experience in assisting and overseeing the transfer of assets. Services range from ongoing consultation as to the transfer of assets, payment of debts and filing of taxes to representation of fiduciaries before Probate Court. Probate Court representation essentially involves the filing of all necessary filings with the Probate Court and handling communication with heirs. Engaging Hronek Law will ensure the efficient and cost effective administration of a decedent’s affairs.


If an individual becomes incapacitated or incompetent, no longer able to handle their own affairs and does not have a valid power of attorney, no one is legally able to make healthcare or financial decisions for this person. In these circumstances Probate Court needs to be petitioned for a Guardianship to be established. This process is lengthy, expensive and time consuming. In order to minimize these problems, legal counsel is a must.

Hronek Law will assist even before a petition is filed to get the Guardianship running as quickly as possible – so that your loved one can be taken care of. Further, Hronek Law attends all Court hearings and handles all filings, thus relieving the burden on the Guardian. Once the Guardianship is running smoothly, Hronek Law fades into the background and is then available when questions or problems arise.

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