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Trusts & Probates

Safekeeping your Important Legal Documents

Safekeeping your Important Legal Documents

I am hoping that most of you reading this already have prepared (and signed) a Will, Power of Attorney and maybe even a Trust document.  A question I always get from my clients is: now what do I do with these documents?  If you are having the same questions, this... Read More
Trusts:  not only for the wealthy

Trusts: not only for the wealthy

As an estate planning attorney, I find that there are many misconceptions about trusts.  The biggest misconception is that trusts are only for the wealthy.  This unfortunately is just not true and almost every single trust I have prepared are for reasons having... Read More
The Importance of Beneficiaries

The Importance of Beneficiaries

Many different assets, whether it be life insurance, an IRA, bank account, etc., allow for a beneficiary to be named.  A beneficiary is an individual, or a trust, that will receive this asset upon your death.  The beneficiary has no ownership rights during your... Read More
A Faster Way Through Probate Court

A Faster Way Through Probate Court

It is true that a typical probate administration of an estate takes a little over a year from start to finish. But, if an estate is small, Probate can be done in six (6) weeks or less! This depends upon when the decedent passed, who paid funeral expenses and who are... Read More

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