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Trusts & Probates

3 Probate Myths Debunked

3 Probate Myths Debunked

I often get questions about probate, the legal process that occurs after someone dies to administer their property and estate while also seeing that all expenses are paid. While it’s a common process, it seems to generate a lot of confusion. In an effort to provide... Read More
Safekeeping your Important Legal Documents

Safekeeping your Important Legal Documents

I am hoping that most of you reading this already have prepared (and signed) a Will, Power of Attorney and maybe even a Trust document.  A question I always get from my clients is: now what do I do with these documents?  If you are having the same questions, this... Read More
Trusts:  not only for the wealthy

Trusts: not only for the wealthy

As an estate planning attorney, I find that there are many misconceptions about trusts.  The biggest misconception is that trusts are only for the wealthy.  This unfortunately is just not true and almost every single trust I have prepared are for reasons having... Read More

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